Rejection. I love that word..said no one ever! It reminds you of that feeling you get when someone says no to you. A horrible crippling feeling. The kind that makes you want to crawl into bed and never get up.

Where has this come from you ask? I had  a conversation about my perfect studio set up with a friend of mine on Monday. It went something like this.

Me: I think this set up is brilliant, I’d love to have it.

Vincent : Why not ask for it?

Me:  We both know that’s not going to happen.

Vincent : What gives you that idea? Did you talk to the relevant people and they said no?

Me: Not yet, but……

Vincent: so you are assuming you can’t get it, and you are not even willing to ask? What is the worst answer? A no. Right. Then? Will the ‘No’ be imprinted on your forehead?  Will we all hear the ‘No’ echo through the walls? NO! The worst thing you can do is deny yourself the chance to know the actual answer. If the answer is NO, Ask why. That way the no makes sense. Again, you could get a yes. Then what?

To prove his point, He went ahead, talked to someone and I might just get it.

He didn’t get a No, He got a maybe.

See where I’m going with this?

Immediately after that he shared Jia Jiang’s video.

I watched it once, twice,thrice. And a few more times the following day.

We want to be better people, fearless people. Gladiators. The kind you read of and watch on TedX with amazing stories. How do we expect to be these people if simple things like walking into a boss’s office to asking for something scares the hell out of us?

Jia Jiang and Vincent got me thinking. Next time…I’m not going to be scared.

Why, because I’m walking away from great life lessons.

Here are 7 I thought make sense.

  1. Becoming a better person. If your outlook on life is positive,you’ll learn from what you’d perceive as failure.
  2. Appreciating success more. Imagine getting a yes after 5 Nos.Its an amazing feeling right?
  3. Being more resilient. The strength to regroup and come back again isn’t for the faint
  4. Re-evaluating yourself and your plan. If your initial plan,didn’t work. write a new one, find a new angle. heck find a couple.
  5. Getting another chance. Tomorrow, You’ll go back stronger,better.
  6. Helping others. Your experience becomes a great lesson to someone.
  7. Being more courageous. Something that doesn’t come easy.


Happy watching.



Cynthia Mwangi.



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This year, like every year…I sat down and wrote down my resolutions. Yes…I did. I called myself for a meeting, we sat down me, myself and I. In this meeting, a few things came up:

  1. Despite writing down my resolutions every year, I usually accomplish about 40% of them, so something has to give this year.
  2. We are past saying ‘I’m young and I still have time’.  Not even the next minute is promised to me. So grab every opportunity to grow.

So I decided, sorry WE decided, that we’d be doing our resolutions quarterly. * insert cheers here*  I know, WE are pretty excited about it, however the pressure to deliver in 4 months is real.  Between working with my team and working on my vision of Cynthia Mwangi, there is really no time to waste.

But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. Luke 12:48

(David Muriithi, thank you for this reminder)

That being said, A couple of months back I had the pleasure of moderating a panel during  ASENTI 2016 at USIU. And it was important for me to find out as much as I could about the panelists. One of them was Chris Mureithi, who had been featured on Engage Talk –  The bi-monthly Engage platform focuses on the power of engagement to foster learning and transform minds and lives.  I watched a few more but I loved Beatrice Imathiu’s story.  She took me on a journey of her life. Her highs, her lows, her really highs and really lows. It cant get more real than this.  We Fall. We Rise. We Soar. She had it all but she dared to want more.

A few things I’ve learnt about bouncing back like a boss :

  1. Have a strong support system. (She was kicked out, out of love you know) It will get you through tough times. We are not islands.
  2. Celebrate little wins, appreciate the good things in life. Be grateful for what you have constantly, you’ll notice not everything is going wrong.
  3. Look for growth opportunities constancy. You don’t want to be caught in a failure rant. Keep yourself going, no matter what happens.
  4. Failure does not  reflect who you are.
  5. Trust the process.

Happy watching!

and being the Kenyan I am, Happy new year!



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