Good morning, HI, Two things;

1. Have a great day and

2. For the last  8 + years, I’ve had the honor of training a number of interns while in production and supervising others a couple more in programming. I use the word honor because being entrusted with young minds to introduce to the workforce isn’t easy. The impression you give and the environment you create for them is forever embedded in their mind. That becomes part of your legacy.

This is however not about my experience training, this….is about letting you know how to nail your internship and to be memorable even after you’re three months have lapsed.

It’s taken me some time to write this -I blame my ‘busy schedule’….shame on me- but now that I’ve started, I’ll do a series of posts on how to nail your internship. Let’s be clear here, I’m not saying when you do all these things you’ll land a job, NO.  It will, however, help you enjoy your internship, while you get on-the-job training in the field and career of your choice.


A lot of you may ask,  why do I need to ‘nail’ my internship? I’ll highlight a few reasons;

  1. Internships are a proven way to gain relevant knowledge, skills, and experience that are applicable across the board
  2. They serve as an opportunity to establish important connections in the field that can provide you with recommendation letters and introductions that will help you to find new opportunities.
  3. Some times, an internship can directly lead to a full-time job at your host company.


I’ll be sharing this every Wednesday morning, away from Tuesday’s  ‘two things’ on Instagram.

I’m available for conversations and guidance on :

twitter @ythera_mwangi

IG @cynthia_mwangi 

facebook fan page: Cynthia Mwangi 

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